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7 Types of Hardwood

by Madhurya

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Types of Hardwood

Different types of wood have different uses and properties. To decide Which type suits your style and budget is up to you. Below are the Various types of Hardwood.


Mahogany is a grained hardwood, which is native to South America and indies , It varies in color from dark brown to red and sometimes it incorporates a noticed impact because the girth of the tree is broad piece of furniture, manufacturers should be ready to use one cut of wood for a high table. The piece of furniture which is made of mahogany became highly regarded in kingdom from 18 Century.

2. Teak wood

Teak wood incorporates in engaging & wanting an Aesthetic charm in wealthy golden - brown color wood which is natural resistance for termites, as it is hard wood. It has High dimensional stability &Can be hand-carved.

Types of Teak Wood

2.1 Ghana Teak wood

Fetching a premium price and also known for its durability, Ghana Teak wood furniture can be used for indoor/outdoor purposes. It is also useful to make decorative items and accessories for the home due to its strength, durable finish and the beautiful grain. The tones range in shades of medium-dark brown or in a pale yellow color. This wood is resistant to decay, termites and mould formations.

2.2 Ivory Coast Teak wood

Popular for its strength and hardness, the Ivory Coast includes a tight grain and resists termites and extreme weather. It can be used for furniture, window frames and doors and gives a smooth finish.

2.3 Burma Teak wood

Burma Teakwood is also called as Myanmar teak. It is used to make furniture and wooden floorings. Burma Teakwood is also resistant to water, making the cleaning process much easier which is why it is the preferred choice for floorings. This wood is durable, retains shape, and can be used to create beautiful carving designs. It is valued for hardness and strength and comes with a straight grain pattern.

2.4 Nilambur Teak wood

Niamlbur teakwood from Kerela is useful to create carved furniture. It can be used in the construction of houses as it has a beautiful grain. In the coming years, this wood may soon be protected by law owing to its exclusivity. It is also used to make furniture and cabinets.

3. OAK

Oak is a slow growing tree, taking between a hundred and fifty years – two hundred years to achieve maturity. The wood is tough and becomes pale colour, & it becomes brown with age and sharpening. Oak is among the most popular hardwoods used to make furniture. The piece of furniture which are made of oak is sometimes very hard and straight & long in style from 17 Century, oak was used for the drawer linings for a piece of furniture. The best wooden furniture made of oak tends to be more costly than other hardwoods, because of its enduring reputation for strength and beauty. Oak is more preferred wood which is employed in the Georgian era and created a revival in late Victorian times. Red Oak often has a red or pink tinge, and White Oak tends to be greener, though both take different colors of stain really well. Oak's lovely open wood grain easily mixes with the other furnishings in your home.

4. Cherry Wood Furniture

Cherry wood is a hardwood, strong and built to last. One of the most expensive native woods, it also tends to show use a little more than other hardwoods. A lot of the best antique wooden furniture is made of cherry wood and it looks as good today as it did 100 years ago. Cherry wood and cherry stains for wood furniture often have a warm red hue. Cherry wood complements most woods, working well with other furniture pieces and décor in your home. Don't be afraid to mix and match cherry furnishings with furniture made of different woods or with varying finishes. Cherry will darken with age to richer reds and browns.

5. Maple

Maple is a hardwood, and it's more durable and heavier than most woods. Maple, because of its strength is often used for bedroom furniture- and even bowling alley floors. Maple wood's natural pale color, like ash and birch woods, easily accepts any type of stain or paint. Maple wood is moisture resistant, so it has a long life span. The rare burled (swirls and twists in wood grain that occur naturally) and birds eye (a small repeating pattern in the wood grain) maple woods were used to manufacture American furniture in the early 1900's and are considered highly collectible antiques today.

6 Sal Wood

Sal Wood is used for constructing door frames, beams, window frames, etc.This is a hardwood that turns a darker shade of brown after cutting. This is a rough type of wood so its pros lies in the durabilitybut is avoidable for furniture making. It’s considered to be heavier than teakwood and quite resistant to termites.

7 Marandi

Marandi Requires little maintenance. This is durable, easy to work with and very much resistant to termites. It requires little maintenance if used for furniture. This Hardwood gives a beautiful appearance when used for door/window frames, shutters, etc. These were some of the many beautiful types of wood available in nature. Inquire with your local furniture manufacturers for details before purchase.


Different types of wood have different uses and properties. Get an insight of the various types of Hardwoods above.

Which kind of wood do you use for you Furniture?

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